John Tabacco
Ph: 631-356-3093
Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Recording Artist
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What’s New

Latest 2018 CDs

Pithy Percussion and Other Sequenced Allusions

This is mostly an instrumental collection. Mostly.

Ongoing Reflectamenta

A kaleidoscope of songs created from other songs and re-recordings of songs from the distant past.

Latest Single

I Know

Featuring blues master Jerry Dugger on vocals


Assorted Veggie Delights

Sang a bunch of songs on this Swedish release by The Vegetarians

Sushi Savant

JT opens up his songbook, teams up with LI musicians to craft eclectic sound.

Mixing and Mastering

The Bossa Nova Beatniks CD

Mixed, Mastered and performed on this latest Bossa Nova Beatniks CD.



New John Tabacco videos on Youtube channel.