John Tabacco
Ph: 631-356-3093
Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Recording Artist
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Consume The Position
Initial Ideas From Cassettes, Resurrected
Everything Is Everywhere
Script 2020
Covid-19 Rebop (EP)
In Memory Of Captain Tank
Lemmings Are Beautiful
Two Early Beatle Covers
Pithy Percussion and Other Sequenced Allusions
Creatureflectamenta (EP)
Ongoing Reflectamenta
Monadic Integration Parade
Sans Lyrics Vol. 3
Tuba Faux (EP)
Unfulfilled Shopping Cart Syndrome
Wake Me When It’s Over
Sneaky Bastard Aliens (EP)
Mostly Original Covers
Sleepless Tonight
Heartless Sweetheart
Suburban Hermit Musings
Patience, my boy
Music Box Orphans
Sans Lyrics Volume 1
Sans Lyrics Volume 2
Rubber Solstice (It Wuz & Still Iz Late Octobra (vol. 2)
It Wuz & Still Iz Late Octobra
A Presbyter’s Dementia
Eros Ebb And Flow
Straight From The Truancy Genes
Hits Duh Bah Tomb Lion
Dryer Than You’ll Ever Be
Tell Me Why Then!
Go Figya
Boson Kabloona Waiting Around
It’s Out There Feeding On Itself
Life Here…It’s Anybody’s Guess
Late Octobra
8 Trackology
Akai Years (1979-84)