John Tabacco
Ph: 631-356-3093
Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Recording Artist
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Compilations: (edited, mastered, performed on):

Snappy HolidaysCharlotte Doesn’t Care, Xmas Comin’ Down On you, Christmas, And I Am Not Afraid, Rudolf Don’t Burn Out Your Red NoseSonic Underground Records1999
The Poe Project 1999Track 11. Song To
Vocal : Monsignor Tom Hartman
Music by : John Tabacco
Edited by:John Tabacco
1999Mastered by:Bob Ball at Sound Archeology
Produced by: Kathi Livornese, Dennis Daniel, Bob Ball and John Tabacco
Eyeinhand Sampler Vol. 1Track 9 : It’s Just A Black GuitarVaso MusicVM0322001
Not Just Another Pretty VoiceClub Algeria / A station i.d with JTSonic Underground Records2003
Lucky 13 – Marci Geller, Cathy Kreger, Susan DeVitaTracks :
3. You Turn Me On (Susan DeVita / John Tabacco)
4. Monsters in the Dark (Cathy Kreger / John Tabacco)
6. Nobody Says Sweetheart (Susan DeVita / John Tabacco)
10. Shibuya Station (Cathy Kreger / John Tabacco)
Sonic Underground RecordsSUPS10352008
Yellow Peril (Under the Banyan Tree Compilation IV)Track 4 "Oh Wow, It’s You Again"
Track 18 "Brain Tap Shuffle" (Nigey Lennon, JT)
Sonic Underground Records2004
Volume One - Donna Bach–HeitnerTracks:
1. Too Many Wasted Nights (Donna Bach-Heitner / Meryl Mathews / John Tabacco)
4. A Little More Love Between Us (Donna Bach-Heitner / John Tabacco)
10. Can’t Change These Black Eyes To Blue Ones (Donna Bach-Heitner / Meryl Mathews / John Tabacco)
Modern VoicesMVD 0070092007
20 Extraordinary RenditionsTrack 9: Idiot Bastard "Brain Tap Shuffle" (Nigey Lennon, JT)Cordelia Records2008
21 Burnt Weeny SandwichesTrack 16: Burnt Weenie Sandwich RemnantsCordelia Records2010