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John Tabacco

Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Recording Artist


Unfulfilled Shopping Cart Syndrome
Sleepless Tonight
Wake Me When It’s Over
Audio Artifacts For the Dubious Cloud
Heartless Sweetheart
Gaga Over The SOP
Patience my boy
Music Box Orphans
Sans Lyrics Volume 1
Sans Lyrics Volume 2
Rubber Solstice
It Wuz & Still Iz Late Octobra
Hits Duh Bah Tomb Lion
A Presbyter’s Dementia
Eros Ebb And Flow
Straight From The Truancy
Dada Screeology
Willie The Hill is not available as a separate disc. The 20 minute track is on the CD : Dada Screeology.
Fancy Monsters
Dryer Than You’ll Ever Be
Tell Me Why Then
Alien Warehousedirect
Go Figya
Boson Kabloona
Tragedy @ Hand
It’s Out There
Fuzzy Gray Logic
Life Here…It’s Anybody’s Guess
Late Octobra
House Music to Dance For
Modern Voices
Pasta Pre Rivera
8 Trackology
Akai Years
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